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The Price is Wrong….

Developing a Pricing Strategy for Your Winery I got my start in the wine industry when I was ten — young, I know. That was when my father’s downtime project of creating a winery turned full-time as he made the leap from geologist to a winemaker. This caused some unique challenges, so my father decided

Keys to Success

Not something that you typically associate with business coaching and consulting, physical plant (facility) management and company technology infrastructure are an essential and frequently overlooked part of running a successful business. It is not the most glamorous part of running a business, but something that we have spent a lot of time working on over
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Nowadays, pretty much everyone has a website. With the ease of use and accessibility of technology, particularly post-COVID, it would be silly not to have a website for your business. So why do so many companies still not have websites or up-to-date websites? For many, the idea of having a website built or creating one
The customer is always right. Right? Maybe they aren’t always right, but the customer-centric perspective is crucial when making changes to your business. Measuring decisions against the customer experience quality metric will help ensure that you are providing a positive interaction. Even though I am what most people would call a “techie,” I am still
What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done? Move to a new town? Jump from an airplane? Start your own business?  The world is full of dreamers with big ideas and even bigger guts to pursue those goals. It’s also full of detail-oriented planners and organizers that may have a dream but are too scared or

A Case for Authenticity,, and all of the other online liquor stores are undoubtedly riding the COVID19 direct-to-consumer online purchasing wave. As reported by Silicon Valley Bank in the “State of the Industry 2021” report on the wine industry, shipping direct-to-customer sales growth has increased by 153%, with a 190% increase in order numbers. There is no
We recently prepared an article about Customer Journey Mapping for our friends at WineDirect. Learn more about how mapping your customer interactions can lead to more growth and increased sales.  You may have seen or heard the term “customer experience journey mapping” but may not be familiar with what it entails or have a good grasp
With COVID-19 business closures reaching further into the future, it is a good time to start working on how to get customers back into your business, once you are reopened; while simultaneously working on the best way to manage the changes brought about by the lockdowns. Now is the time to build plans. A few

Planning for Uncertainty

Outside of the wine and the business advisory world, I spend a large chunk of time as a first responder; specifically, I am a member of El Paso County (Colorado) Search and Rescue (  As part of my training with EPCSAR, I took FEMA’s intro courses for emergency management. FEMA adopted an emergency management system

COVID-19 Support and Assistance

In light of the recent events and restrictions surrounding COVID-19, we here at Tin Sheets have been putting our heads together to find ways to help you survive this difficult time and come up with solutions to help you thrive once the restrictions and quarantines have been lifted. As current small business and former winery
We recently wrote a guest blog post for our partners at WineDirect. Learn how data can help you cultivate great relationships with your customers. YOUR GUESTS ARE TALKING, BUT ARE YOU REALLY LISTENING? As a winery owner, manager, or team member, you know that one of your most valuable assets is the consumer; and that
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Let the Power of Price Compel You

Since our last blog post, we decided that it made sense to separate the Tin Sheets Consulting presence from the Tin Sheets to the Wind presence on Facebook. In an effort to provide content on the Tin Sheets Consulting page, we have started farming news from various sources; as well as working on producing more original content. One of
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The Generation Gap

  On my usual morning browse through Facebook, I came across a post linking to the Gray Report, written by W. Blake Gray, the self-proclaimed “Best Blogger/Online Wine Writer (in the World!)”, in which he opines on digital marketing in the wine world. After reading the report, I had the feeling (as did the wine industry

The Evils of Tasting Notes

Here is a story that we put together for our partners over at Vin65!  Find out why your tasting notes are killing your conversion rates. THESE ARE NOT THE TASTING NOTES YOU’RE LOOKING FOR… Tasting notes are an important part of a winery tasting experience. Most wineries provide visitors with a tasting menu that contains at least

Free Money!

As of the very second that I am typing this story there have been 333,920,235 tweets posted today. Since I wrote the previous sentence, there have been another couple of hundred thousand tweets. Check it out for yourself, here. There are (as of July) 8,796 photos uploaded every second from over 200 million users on SnapChat. 30%

Content is King

One of the many challenges of running a winery is marketing. The first step to a solid marketing plan is creating your elevator speech, a term that you no doubt have heard a million times. But, what is it? Well, it really boils down to this: what makes you unique? Are you the first winery that is run by the fifth
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